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FFH: TTA - Epilogue: Life Goes On
“So when do ye think we should ‘nounce our engagement?”
“The more you keep asking, the further back I set the date.”
“Oh, Annie! Yer just set on bein’ mean now.”
“It can wait until I’m properly moved in, at least.”
“…Speakin’ a’ which, arne there certain…things ye wanna maybe…keep safe?”
“The Fun Box?”
“The Fun Box.”
“Trust me, all that stuff is safe. And coming with me. Just in case.”
“Good tuh know.”
“…Jesus Christ, that was too much information and you barely implied anything.”
“Oh come on, Runt. It isne all that bad! Most of it is just…pictures.”
“Tastefully taken.”
“Very well made.”
“Perfectly modeled as well.”
“Oh aye, they certainly were.”
“If you two are going to be like this all the time now, I definitely will move
:iconthebrigeeda:TheBrigeeda 3 8
FFH: TTA - Chapter 21: The First King
The morning was a rush.
I’d barely gotten out of the shower when I was ambushed by a pair of tailors and a hairdresser. Last minute fittings were needed, mostly at Cassidy’s behest.
A new kilt and sporra were provided. The new jacket needed a few alterations though. I stood in front of their mirrors while the tailors measured and sewed. The hairdresser attempted to fix the mess that was my hair. He tried to slick back my bangs, but I wasn’t having it. The braid and new hair ribbon would be fine enough for me.
The only relief was knowing I wasn’t alone.
“Good morn-OH!” Annie began, trying to sneak in. Another team rushed her into the room and got to work. “I didn’t think I’d need all the fuss, Colm.”
“Nor I, Annie. It’s good tuh see ye.” I replied with a quick kiss. I tried to ignore the photographer pacing the room. “How was last night?”
“Let’s just say the potion and tea helped. A
:iconthebrigeeda:TheBrigeeda 3 4
FFH: TTA - Chapter 20: New Offers, Old Pains
The day before the coronation would be a long and exhausting one. I’d barely gotten my first cup of coffee and things were already piling up.
“First things first, the revised final plans for the mansion.” Cassidy said as she laid the blueprints on my desk. They were hard to read at first. It took a moment to realize how everything would be moved around again. It was Cassidy’s idea to rework the plans: she feared what Lydia might have said or would say about the inner workings of the new castle. “They’ll need your final thoughts and approval. Erm, again.”
It had been the High Council’s idea. New place to go with the new names. At first, they merely suggested a Glamour. A superficial covering to match the superficial changes. I’d been all for it until Bridget spoke up.
“Why not make it the real deal?” she’d asked innocently enough.
“Heh. Can ye imagine the time needed tuh construct a new castle after demolishin
:iconthebrigeeda:TheBrigeeda 5 0
FFH: TTA - Chapter 19: Confrontations
I was sincerely dreading the moment.
The wait was agony in and of itself. There was so much I had on my mind, so much I wanted to say. So much I wanted to scream.
But I knew I had to be calm. For a while anyway.
I wanted to hear her confession first.
They brought her into the interrogation room soon enough. The guards were dismissed as soon as she was shackled securely to the table and floor. They weren’t in the mood to take risks.
Neither was I.
It should have been odd to see her in a prison uniform or to see the manacles on her wrists. Any other person, maybe. But there was no sympathy for the woman who tried to kill me. To kill Bridget. Who was willing to hurt others in her attempt. Someone I thought I could trust with my life.
Not even one day behind bars and she still looked calm and collected. Like she was out for a day trip or unexpected holiday. I half expected her to check an itinerary to make sure she was still on schedule.
It only made my blood boil more.
“Is thi
:iconthebrigeeda:TheBrigeeda 3 14
FFH: TTA - Chapter 18: Divine Observation
They never felt like dreams. More like…memories trying to remind me of themselves as I slept. They mostly came in flashes. Nothing seemed to last.
But it all came back in an instant.
The light was so warm. Bright. Comforting.
I finally felt safe.
I wanted the feeling to last forever.
It wasn’t to last.
I awoke in a field, laying against a tree. The sun felt dull somehow. Nowhere near as warm or bright as it should have been. Nothing looked familiar. The grass went on for miles. Mountains were far off in the horizon. What buildings I could see were a fair distance away.
“Mmm…where am I?” I murmured to myself. My body felt light but weak. I was afraid I’d float away if I tried to move.
“Can you not guess, Colm Arcadi?”
My heart nearly stopped at the voice. It was sweet and calm and seemingly came from nowhere. A glance around found no one nearby. Or so I thought.
“Behind you, Colm Arcadi.”
She was reading a book while sat
:iconthebrigeeda:TheBrigeeda 3 3
FFH: TTA - Chapter 17: Overwhelmed
There were voices in the dark.
They were hard to make out.
Some whispered, some shouted.
It was hard to tell who was saying what.
They faded away the harder I tried to listen. It was almost like they knew I was eavesdropping. How was it eavesdropping if it was going on inside my head?
The silence that followed was peaceful. Comforting. It was the most restful sleep I’d had in days.
For a time.
Aches and pains made themselves known soon enough.
A concerto played against my skull. Stings pricked along my limbs. Whatever comfort I had felt was gone.
But I was still too exhausted to move.
Sounds eventually pierced the fog again. The rustling of leaves and the calls of birds made themselves known. A shudder ran down my spine at the chilly breeze.
Gods I hope I’m not in someone’s garden I thought to myself. Parts of me were trying to wake up. Some more slowly than others. Don’t need that picture in the papers now.
I groaned as I tried to move. Everything
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